Verisart: Go Developer

Build the blockchain for the art world

Verisart is tackling the difficult problem of applying the lessons learned from Bitcoin and the evolution of digital cash to what is perhaps the oldest form of currency still in circulation: art. The art market is complex and new methods of exchange will not only help validate existing works, but also may enable a wider range of artists, such as purely digital artists, to thrive and survive.

Come help us build an evidence-based method of certifying authenticity. While understanding the mathematical fundamentals of cryptography is great, it’s not essential if you understand how cryptographic techniques like hashing and message signing work together to solve real problems. If you can’t appreciate the vastness and subtlety of this challenge, you need not apply.

We are quite heavily involved in the art world, supported by top artists and galleries, so naturally this is a good match for anyone with a passion for cutting-edge contemporary art. You will gain a very private insight into the functioning of the art world as part of the Verisart team.

Computer science degree or similar (preferred but not necessary). Git. High level experience such as C++, GO, Rust, Java, Python. Bitcoin experience is an asset.

Our stack
GO, Postgres, Javascript, Heroku, Python,

Who we are
Verisart is building the most trusted way to certify and verify artworks and collectibles using distributed ledger technology. We are a rapidly growing team of applied cryptographers, software engineers and designers with offices in Los Angeles and London. Robert Norton, former CEO of Sedition Art and Saatchi Art, leads the company. Peter Todd  core developer for the Bitcoin blockchain protocol and Dr. Ahmed Elgammal, Professor in Computer Science at The Art & AI Lab at Rutgers University are Board Advisors.  Our investors include Rhodium and the artist Shepard Fairey.


Location: London (UK)