StoreDot - Director of Manufacturing

The Director is responsible for the planning, directing and coordination of activities related to the manufacturing process of StoreDot. This includes production, systems and inventory that support the StoreDot products:

the DM will;

  • Have a thorough understanding of needed engineering and manufacturing processes, ensure operational efficiencies & optimization by defining and maintaining reliable scheduling, work plans and defined processes, production development plans, defining and maintaining BOM, use of GANT charts & files, calculating and managing costs. Will monitor and report status of projects to management by the use of defined metrics, ability to identify root causes for delays- all in a timely fashion, ability to forecast future capacity and needs and ensure StoreDot has timely production capacity.
  • Develop manufacturing plan and procedures to maintain high quality level of manufacturing operations and standards (PP&C – Production Planning and Control).
  • Formulate and recommend manufacturing policies and programs that guide the organization to maintain and improve its manufacturing capacity and improve its competitive position and profitability – maintain high quality of products and adherence to strict safety standards, regulations and best practices.
  • Ensure the manufacturing team has the needed resources, processes, systems to complete projects in a timely manner
  • Ensure and monitor that QC processes have been designed and implemented including proficiency with quality measurement tools & Statistical Quality Management.
  • Identify, evaluate and audit relevant suppliers and subcontractors globally for manufacturing, logistics, shipment, import/export, including Quality management and safety regulations to support development and commercial manufacturing as needed.
  • Ensure adequate level of materials (both quantity and quality)
  • Have responsibility to lead ISO compliance processes as needed

The DM will work in close coordination with Engineering, Scale-up, R&D, Operations, and external manufactures and ensure process are working effectively and ensure StoreDot can achieve production targets.

In the future, the DM may have similar responsibility for the Display technology team.


Location: Hertzalia Pituach