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Rhodium invests in early-stage ventures in Israel, New York, and Silicon Valley.

Founded by Daniel Recanati, Rhodium works closely with passionate founders, first-timers as well as serial entrepreneurs in the fields of advertising, social, mobile, e-commerce and other exceptional technologies.

While serving both as an investor and an active partner, we are a small team continually looking to help our portfolio's founders in executing their ideas and turning them into industry-leading companies.

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News Inc.

  • October 28th 2014 Compass has raised $3 million in two recent tranches of financing from that clutch of investors looking for a way to create a taxonomy for the success of startups.
  • October 22nd 2014 YieldMo has raised another $10 million in a round led by Time Warner’s venture arm. Google and Union Square Ventures, are back as well.
  • October 19th 2014 Congratulations to Compass, who launched a new product aimed at helping investors, accelerators, incubators and consultants better track the health of companies they work with.